PHP Click Tracker – Track Ad Clicks Free

   Records clicks (not funds) to DB every x minutes.

This is a great little java script that interacts with a server side page to
track who clicked an ad, the ad they selected and the page the ad was on.

This can be tailored to any system, in this case I an using ASP for the
server side page. The file contains the following files:

This can be tailored to any system, in this case PHP is used for the
server side page. The file contains the following files:

– adsense_clicklogger.js, The javascript
– adsense_clicklogger.php, Server side PHP page

The instructions are included in the zip file.

CAUTION: There are a ton of sites offering to host your stats; basically they give you a javascript and that records your clicks and then offer you free stats, etc.

What they do not tell you is that you’re telling them your hot keywords and your best pages. Many take that information and create similar pages or sites that compete with you. This script allows you to do what they do, but on your own server, privately!

We are constantly updating this php click tracker and other tools, so check back often. If you want to receive an update when this happens, drop me
an email (mail at monetizers [.] com) and ask to be added to the adsense monitor update list.

Disclaimer:   I am not responsible, implied or otherwise, for any damage resulting from use of this php click tracker.   Use at your own risk.


  1. hi,

    The zip file link is not working, can you please fix this and let me know so I can refer to the file.

    thanks & regards

  2. Sash,
    You need to change the “ZIP” at the end of the url to “zip”

    where is it?!!

  4. The zip file is there, the problem is in the link where “ZIP” is capitalized. If you copy the link location and change it to “zip” you’ll get the download.

  5. Case sensitive .ZIP should be .zip. Lowercase.

  6. does this script still works ? it tracks the adsense clicks ?

  7. Google adsense click tracker says:


    I need php code google adsense click tracker, any one can help me how can I get it!


  8. how to create a php code, that will display in the next cell each time i click the number for example…i click number 1 then it will display in the next cell…and it will display 1 also

  9. Hey,

    I download your script , but i am not sure where I call “adsense_log_click” to track the google adsense click.
    please help.


  10. there are no instruction in zip file

  11. The instructions are within the top few lines of the php file. Open it in a suitable text editor to view. You’ll need to enter some config details into that file as well so that it works on your set-up. 🙂

  12. hi
    just installed it and im getting this in the error :
    Invalid query: SELECT ClickDate,DestinationPage,SourcePage,RemoteAddress,RemoteHost FROM tblAdsenseClicks ORDER BY ClickDate

    how to solve this please

  13. i see now 🙂 sorry , i had to execute the sql 🙂
    thanks again

  14. another question please, i use a cms (joomla) i have adsense served with modules, do i need to put the code exactly under every adsense code , what if i just put it in the page bottom ?

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