Google Site Map Generator

Google Site Maps is a new inclusion service designed for website owners which enables you to proactively and automatically submit information about your website to Google. This notification can help provide Google with more information about your website than would otherwise be found by their crawlers.

Google Site Maps Participation

To participate in Google Site Maps service you need to place a XML formatted file on your webserver. This file contains a list of all pages on your website along with other information such as page priority, update frequency and when pages have been modified.

So how do you generate a Google Site Map? The site below offers a Free Java based Google Sitemap Generator that can handle websites with up to 50,000 pages. Simply enter your website and in minutes you’ll have a sitemap that you can submit to Google Site Maps.

Generate Google Site Map

Visit Google Sitemap Generator to create your free Google Sitemap using Java.

This site also has a HTML sitemap generator which is also free, but available only to those on the ‘New Development List” – Definitely work looking at. No limits on pages, speed adjustments for creating site maps to avoid triggering firewalls and much more.

Yahoo Sitemap Generator

The HTML Site Map generator is ideal for those website owners looking to build sitemaps for search engines other than Google and serves well as a Yahoo Sitemap Generator.

Either way, you need a site map if your website is to succeed.

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