Free Ad Tracking Script – Track your Adsense Ads

If you’re looking for a way to monitor adsense, then you have come to the right place.   Here you’ll find the popular adsense monitoring script
that notifies you by email, pager or phone with adsense updates. You will also find a number of tools, such as adsense preview, also known as the
adsense sandbox.

Free Ad Tracking script – w email updates!

I created this adsense tracking script because I wanted a way to automatically monitor my contextual ads.
My current contextual advertiser is Google’s AdSense program, so the utility is designed around AdSense.

This free tool (open source!) will log into your adsense account, retrieve your stats and write
them to a database.  I have made this free ad tracker so you can personally examine the source.  The tracking tool resides on
your computer and communicates only with Google.  It is well documented,
easy to understand and does not violate your adsense Terms Of Service.

I contacted Google and asked if they would have a problem with publishing this free ad tracking script
utility.  They stated that as long as you do not set the monitor
to log in every 5 minutes, publishing it would not be a problem.  The default
is set to update your adsense database every 30 minutes.  I found there is at least 30 minutes
between updates, so changing the default would probably not benefit you.

Free Ad Tracking Script – Updates

We are constantly updating this utility, so check back often.   When Google changes their layout, I
adjust the adsense monitor so it keeps working.   If you want to receive an update when this happens, drop me
an email (mail at monetizers [.] com) and ask to be added to the adsense monitor update list.

The following files are included in the file:

Adsense.vbs – Adsense Script (Free ad tracking script)

Changes.txt – Change log

ReadMe.txt – Documentation

OSSMTP.dll – For email updates

* Download the zip file, then open it. Some systems show an empty zip if you open it from a web page.

In a nutshell, you simply change the database path and enter your adsense username and

Free Ad Tracking Script add-on modules

A number of people have contributed to the functionality of this free ad tracking script with the biggest contributor being
Shailesh Humbad. Shailesh is a top notch programmer and has some of the finest programming techniques I seen – Thank you!

Shailesh Humbad’s Adsense DB Viewer

ASP Click Tracker Javascript and ASP code that tracks who clicked on your adsense ad and when.


PHP Click Tracker Javascript and PHP code that tracks who clicked on your adsense ad and when.

AdSense Report Creator creates a HTML
report from the database created by adsense.vbs.   Each report file is named
MMDDYY.htm, so you have a report for each day.

Disclaimer:   I am not responsible, implied or otherwise, for any damage resulting from use of this utility.   Use at your own risk.


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