URL Encoder Decoder – Free Javascript

This URL Encoder is a good way to encoder or hide html text. Our URL Encoder is a tool that converts HTML code into a Unicode string which means the text looks scrambled when your source code is viewed, but when executed as a web page, appears to be normal.

URL Encoder is not a way to protect your code, but is does a great job as a deterrent to those that would otherwise attempt to view your code in passing.
Chances are, they’ll just move on.

To get started encoding, simply enter your code in the box below, press the covert button and you’ll instantly see the results. To finish, simply cut and paste the new code into the spot where the original code would was and save your changes.

URL Encoder Decoder

Place the code to be Encoded or Decoded below. When decoding, enter only the code between the starting ‘ and ending ‘.

* Updating Module – Try this Encoder / Decoder…

Use this HTML Encoder until we finish updating ours.

Perform HTML Encode / Decode again.

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