ContextAd – ContextWeb Cancellation and Kept Earnings!

Ever wonder what getting cut from the Contextweb is like? I received this without notice and thought I would post it for your review. I had this on a site that was only bringing in a few hundred unique visitors per day; it would have been nice to receive a warning first. The email addresses and phone number has been changed to prevent unnecessary spam from reaching the contextad team.

Dear ContextAd Publisher:

We appreciate your participation in our ContextAd partnership program. However, we regret to inform you that you have not met your monthly minimum of 50,000 impressions and therefore will not receive payment for the previous month. [that was about $180 last time I looked – couldn’t log in to verify!]

We would very much so like to continue working with you in the future and recommend that you contact a business development manager to discuss how you can increase your level of monthly impressions. You can contact your business development manager directly, send an email to [email protected] or call 111.111.1111.

Thank you again for your business.

Best regards,

The ContextAd Team

If you have any technical questions or concerns regarding your account, please email ContextAd‘s support team at [email protected]

Note: The payout was very poor (a few cents per click) and had a small and very limited interface for administration. Why sites like this cut people for low traffic with sending a warning is anyone’s guess, but they are loosing out doing this; webmasters need to try such programs out on their smaller sites first to see if the payout is even worth it! Adsense still rules.

To their credit, they did ask that I contact their business development team, but the payout is so low that I’ll just bail at this point.

See how ContextAd compares to Adsense.


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  3. Similar happened to me with contextweb, they first approved my site, then cancelled, then approved again, then cacelled again with no warnig and no explanation, they changed my ask prices for CPM and click without notification, I went to three cycles like this. When I sent a email requesting an answer they siple disactivated muy site, I did not care because in anyways I will never sign up with these guys again. This has been my worst experience with an ad network,

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