Adsense Tracking Script – Track Google Ads Free Tracker Program

Updated 8/13/2008 – The adsense tracking script has been modified to fit into the new adsense formats.

I created this Adsense Tracking Script because I wanted a way to automatically track my Google Adsense Profits
and account activity.  My current contextual advertiser is Google AdSense (great program!) so the
utility is designed around AdSense.

Free Adsense Tracking Script

We were the first to create this free tracking script; unfortunately, many coders have taken the script and started charging for it or offer it as free and ask you to trust them with your stats (by tracking clicks for you). Be very careful running a compiled program to track your adsense clicks when you can use open source scripts like ours. The current password for version 4.0 is

This adsense tracker allows you to automate monitoring your Google AdSense account. The script runs on your computer, monitors your account activity, writes the information to a database and sends you an email notification if it reaches a certain mark or level.

I have made this tracking program open source so you can personally examine the program.  The adsense monitor resides on
your computer and communicates only with Google.  The ad tracking program is well documented,
easy to understand and does not violate your adsense TOS.  


We are constantly updating the adsense tracker, so check back often.   When Google changes their layout, I
adjust the adsense monitor so it keeps working.   If you want to receive an update when this happens, drop me
an email and ask to be added to the adsense tracking script update list.


  1. Hello there,
    is still the php script for adsense tracking available?

    Id be very interested.

    Thank your for an answer.

  2. Where can I download it?

  3. looks a little bit empty here without a download link. Where can I find it?

  4. Hey, where can I get your Free Adsense Tracking Script? I cannot see a download link.


  5. Laura R Ferguson says:

    I would like a download link as well. Thank you. Shouldn’t you have a link available for this? Or more information? It is a little confusing.
    A little irritating as well, given the other comments.

  6. Jenifer says:

    Where is the download link, i am not seeing it.

  7. Found your site in google, and it has a lot of usefull information. Thanx.r

  8. Obolynx says:

    It can be found here it liked in the second paragraph where it says “I created the adsense tracking script…”

  9. dudeonthefly says:

    many thanks for the script!

    as many other similar scripts, it as a tiny little issue though:
    it just doesn’t work!

  10. Please mail me this Free Adsense Tracking Script
    Thank You!

  11. Please send me this incredible script.
    I wanna try this.
    Thank You!

  12. Pj Germain says:

    Is this still available? Would love to try it, thanks!

  13. Where can i download the script?
    Thank You!

  14. Todd Senauskas says:

    Where can I get this?

  15. not work now

  16. guillaume says:

    The download link is not working. Can you send me a copy of your script?

    best regards


  17. I sorry but I am looking for the link to download the script adsense tracker?
    Can you please send a link to my mail?

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