Adsense Database – DB Viewer for Google Ads

   Displays records recorded by Adsense Tracking Script

This is a great adsense database viewer by Shailesh Humbad that works with ASP and will display the data
collected by the Adsense financial tracking script. As with all of Shailesh’s work,
well documented and easy to use.

AdSense DB Viewer is currently at version 2.0 Updated 07/14/05
and contains the following files:

1) Adsense.asp – A webpage to display statistics from the adsense tracking script
database. The page automatically refreshes each hour. There is an autologin button and range filter and is part of the adsense database viewer.
2) Adsense_configuration.asp – Contains configuration variables.


The instructions are included in the zip file.

We are constantly updating the adsense database viewer and other utilities, so check back often.   When Google changes their layout, I
adjust the adsense monitor so it keeps working.   If you want to receive an update when this happens, drop me
an email and ask to be added to the adsense monitor update list.

Disclaimer:   I am not responsible, implied or otherwise, for any damage resulting from use of this utility.   Use at your own risk.


  1. i need the mail ids of adsense members

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