Adsense Alternatives – Contextual Advertising Comparision and Figures

A complete list of adsense alternatives is located at the bottom of this page. We review the top players and how they rated.

Adsense Alternative Clicks Earnings CTR Earnings Per Click Impressions
Vibrant Media 1000 $186.85 .54% $0.18 184,158
Bidclix 1000 $75.00 .51% $0.07 195,752
Clicksor 1000 $32.00 6.9% $0.03 14,346
Adsonar 1000 $87.97 1.7% $0.08 11,366

Adsense vs Adsonar

Adsense is more than double what you can expect from Adsonar, plus, with adsonar, ads seemed to be way off giving my website a ‘spammy’ appearance.

Adsense vs Bidclix

No comparison here! Adsense beat Bidclix without question and again, the ads seemed to be off target.

Adsense vs Clicksor

Adsense made Clicksor look Ridiculous – the payout was not only unimpressive, but downright poor! Adsense beat Clocksor no problem.

Adsense vs IntelliTXT

IntelliTXT didn’t pay quite as good as Adsense, but the support is absolutely awesome. You’ll get an account representative who treats you with respect and genuinely cares about how your site is performing. It’s nice to know that if you have a question, you can simply contact your support representative. Adsense vs. IntelliTXT, great support, targeted ads, great service made this a hard call!

Adsense Alternative

I have always wanted to know what Adsense Alternative is out there, so I put together
this list of contextual advertising programs. I have tried each one of these alternatives and list
the amount that each program pays and what they look like when you’re logged in.  The reason
I set out to join each program and do a comparative analysis is not because I am dissatisfied with Google’s Adsense, but rather I didn’t feel comfortable having all my eggs in one basket. I have to tell you, after all my research, Adsense is by far the stable advertising program on the net today and paying the Highest.

You’ll notice a table at the top of this page listing each contextual advertiser and associated results for 1000 clicks.  The statistics, such as click through rate, clicks and earning per click have all been based on actual figures, but can still be inaccurate. 

Day of week, advertisers spending limits and more can cause these statistics to change daily, even hourly. For me, they satisfy my desire to know what programs other than adsense, are really out there.

Adsense is not listed as I am not permitted to display statistics, but I can say that Google’s Adsense out performs the best of programs by at least double.

I should also say that Vibrant Media is by far the most personable advertising program I have found yet.  You’ll get a representative that works with you every step of the way to get you up and running and that’s just the beginning! More about Vibrant Media can be found here at IntelliTXT

Here are the Adsense Alternatives that are available to webmasters wishing to monetize the web!

  • Adbrite
  • AdEngage
  • Adgenta
  • Adhearus
  • AffiliateSensor
  • AllFeeds
  • AlternutAd
  • BannerBoxes
  • BidClix
  • Bidvertiser
  • CBProSense
  • Chitika (Falling Fast!)
  • ClicksAdsDirect
  • Clicksor
  • ContextWeb
  • Enhance Interactive
  • ExpoActive
  • Fastclick text ads
  • InfoGrabber
  • Intellitxt (Awesome supprt!)
  • Kanoodle
  • Mirago (out soon)
  • Miva (FindWhat/Espotting)
  • Nixxie
  • Quigo
  • RevenuePilot
  • SearchFeed
  • TargetPoint
  • Veoda
  • Yahoo YPN (In Beta, Awesome payout)

If you have information about an adsense alternative or other advertising program that you would like included, please let us know.


  1. EDINC Publishing says:

    This is a great article on adsense alternatives, where did you derive your comparison from as far as stats?

    adsense banned

  2. Why does Google let me use adsense for 2 or 3 weeks and then they cancel it on me? (I was making about $6/day for my two sites below together – one of them my vBulletin forums).

    I can’t get an answer out of them, they nerve reply personally. They just say they are at risk with me. I don’t know what that even means. When I first signed up I mistakenly clicked on lots of adds to get their addresses to block them since they were not relevant to my site, but I then realized I was not suppose to do that so I stopped of course. I was a noob. Are they remembering my IP address not to allow me use adsense again? or are they now restricting these pages of mine? or my name and address to mail the cheque too? What would happen if my IP address changed? I wished I wouldn’t have clicked on the adds before. I was a new user so didn’t realize. Not a good excuse I know.

    I used adsense on my two sites: [removed…]

    My brother said to me the reason is because even though I get nearly 1000 unique IP’s per day (excluding bots of course), it is because they are the same users usually. But I don’t believe that’s the reason. I believe the reason is because I screwed up once and forever am being punished for it. Seems unreasonable! Or bad judgment on Google’s part.

    What do you think? Maybe it is because I am a Christian and my pages are Christian and Google doesn’t feel they make as much money off of Christians or their advertisers get upset when a click comes from a Christian site like mine which deals with the deeper spiritual Christian life.

    When I register with a new gmail to adsense and add the adsense code to my pages again and start up all over, they let me use it for 3 weeks or so and then cancel it on me again with the same generic reply.

    Help! Why are they doing this? I would like that revenue of about $2,000/year and I expect it would only get better because I have thousands of pages between my two sites.


  3. Samuel R.B. says:

    Nice comparison. You should also try “Adz”, which is really easy to understand and very integrated (PPI, PPA and PPC with the same account).

  4. Roy Marin says:

    I feel that AdMedia is keeping the profits that should go to its publishers, is dropping the clicks, declaring them fraud clicks and changing the value of clicks from 0.15 cents to 0.01 cent and that AdMedia is committing fraud. You might earn today 0.60 cents and tomorrow your account is likely to show only 0.02 cents earned. AdMedia is no alternative to Google AdSense.

    AdMedia has good search tools and many advertisers but unfortunately I feel the company is being run by a group of thieves that are so dishonest that there is no word in the dictionary to describe them. This company has been around for sometime and strangely there is nothing good being said about them on the Internet. I wish this company were being run by a reputable company such as Microsoft.

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