Monetize the Web – Earn from Home

I may not be the world’s best monetizer, but I’m good enough that I have enjoyed watching a number of my websites rank in the top spots that withstood Google’s dance for years.

Your goal in life should be as little debt as possible, and you can do that all from the internet using only Adsense and Yahoo. At Monetizers, I’m going to try my best to help you understand how to work toward that goal without getting lost in a sea of information.

Money can buy happiness if you use it to pay down debt – you don’t really need much more to live the ‘good life’. Sure, a private jet, amphibious vehicle and a cottage on Lake Tahoe might be nice, but not really practical; paying off your debt CAN bring true happiness, trust me, I’ve reduced my debt to a point that I’ve been pepcid free for years now : )

Salary for a Webmaster

People are making a fantastic supplemental income with these programs, so what does it take? It takes the skills of a search engine optimization specialist with years of internet experience, investment cash and an advanced degree in programming – That is if you were starting a site in 98, but today, all you need is patience and faith in your ability to learn.

It takes time for sites to grow and most webmasters are not patient enough to wait. Perhaps you need money right now and can’t afford to wait? If so, there are other techniques you can use, but they are a lot harder and require a lot more study which I explain later.

Can you pick up a book and correctly monetize the web in 24 hours? Unlikely, but you can do it with a little time, a week perhaps. I’ll show you how to do this and provide some excellent examples of sites making money that started only a few months ago (don’t worry, it’s all free my friend).

The biggest mistake people make are jumping into this before reading AND expecting to make a few thousand the first check; that’s just not going to happen (unless you already have a popular site up and running). Jump in without optimizing your site and you could really mess things up down the road!

Monetizing the Web – Too good to be true?

You’ll find out exactly how to create a site that will rank high and how to make that site generate dollars per day in very little time. What’s a few dollars a day? It’s a lot depending on how many sites you have.

Monetizers is for webmasters looking to make money from ad programs. Regardless of the purpose of your site(s), you need a content management system and a rock solid server to house that system. I’ll provide you with the list of the best free CMS systems and cheap hosting companies found on the net today and explain each in detail.

Growing sites for the long term that can withstand the crazy ups and downs of search engines should be your ultimate goal.

Ready to start? Great, then let’s start monetizing the web!